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2003 Ford Focus

2003 Ford Focus Light Bulbs Types:


Bulb Type
Headlamps (VOR) HB2
Headlamps (high beam, VOL) H7
Headlamps (low beam, VOL) D2S
Park lamp (front, VOL) W5W
Turn lamp (front, VOL) 3457K
Park and turn lamp (front) 3157K
Side marker lamp (front) GE194
Foglamps (if equipped) 899
Stop/turn and tail lamps 3157K
Backup lamp (sedan/wagon) 3156K
Backup lamp (coupe) 921
License plate lamp C-5W
High-mount brakelamp W5W
Dome lamp (front/rear) 12V10W
Map lamp 12V6W
Luggage compartment 12V10W

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